a soft, safe, enveloping space, to unify and elevate humanity towards a new, inclusive vision for society; one rooted in a reverence for the interconnection of all things. this perspective values each life with true equanimity, and holds faith in humanity’s ability to transcend and evolve beyond its past + current limitations and actualize visions for a more compassionate future society. how can we create internal and external sanctuaries for ourselves and our communities, to carry us through this experience of overwhelm and helplessness? though this phase of groundlessness can feel deeply unsettling, its fluidity also holds limitless potential for lasting systemic transformation. our redemption lies in our union, our relentless commitment to the collective, and a recognition of the equal value of each life.

seven lines populated by gradient shades of bougainvillea, foraged in the surrounding neighborhood, ran above sheers and across the entryway. gentle copper string lights, a woven basket, and three glass bowls lined the window, waiting to receive fallen blossoms. three books were present; rules for revolutionaries (bond + exley), salt (waheed) + healing the land (pratney). this installation was presented in collaboration with Indivisible Highland Park, the local chapter of an organization that seeks to protect immigrant rights, as well as motivate local elected officials to make los angeles a sanctuary city.

cultural weekly