biophilia; a public service announcement

biophilia; a public service announcement investigated our relationship to the earth and to each other. we have fallen so far out of balance, and we have now reached a breaking point. existing within this delicate space, the veils of illusion slip, and our foundational systems begin to reveal their inherent structural flaws. in doing so, they initiate their own collapse. the future of our species and planet hang precariously in limbo, seeking synergy and an illuminated pathway forward. with a growing awakening to our interconnectedness, how can we co-create a new paradigm that honors our planet’s natural wildness and collaborates with, rather than fights against, her complex, yet perfectly orchestrated, harmonious interdependence?

twenty-one plants – half, native to the santa monica mountains and donated by the national park service- the remainder, edible weeds foraged by the artist in east los angeles – were formed into kokedama and each suspended directly above a crumbling clay half shell, resting directly on the floor. the exhibition’s gradual yet dramatic physical shift, oscillating between phases of disintegration and growth, parallel this pivotal moment in history. through this and all future work, we seek to restore balance to the ancient harmony that people and land once shared.

review by alicia eler
interview with free people