pickwick + frecklebug vintage

a few weeks ago, d+b and i visited the lovely mother/daughter duo behind freckle bug vintage at the pickwick vintage textile fair.

we perused row after row of drool-worthy vintage and met many stylish ladies, including these two beauties. they kindly allowed me a few photographs while they tried on accessories and helped their friend select a dress to strut the red carpet for an upcoming premiere. all while looking stunning. i loved her shoes + gloves combo so very much. and she hugged me for complimenting her fashion. i love huggers. i am one.

and this beautiful blonde. i definitely recognized her from one of our favorite new shows but didn’t tell her because i get instantly starstruck + awkward when talking to actors about admiring their work. every single time. i’ve learned that if i don’t mention it, i can act relatively normal. anyhow, she was trying on this hat and asked my opinion because i was a fashion blogger-ahem not exactly but thank you! so i suggested i take her photo so she could see it on film. i don’t wear enough hats. i hope it was a yes. then the beautiful + hilarious adriana and marcia of frecklebug vintage showed us around their collection. we couldn’t help falling in love with them and they were kind enough to lend us several beautiful pieces, including a few for me! very exciting since i’m normally on the other side of the camera. time for some smoking nuns styling c/o dani + blair. plus some lovely camera work from blair. lucky for me, she happens to be excellent at it.

on our way back to the car. we passed these gorgeous tall + fluffy plants. i wish i knew what they were called.

and a preview of the first look. i’m not as adventurous as i’d like to be with prints so this was the perfect baby step for me. i had the pleasure of wearing missoni for the very first time. that silk jersey felt as lovely as it looks. thank you frecklebug!