inspired photo++the smoking nuns part one: color me sheer

this weekend i had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful and stylish duo behind the smoking nuns, in griffith park.

b+d and i met at uc santa cruz. they are even more hilarious than i remembered. i cannot believe it has been five years since i left our fair school in the trees! now, many miles south, these lovely ladies happen to live a hop-and-a-skip away from me. when i discovered the sartorial magic they were accessing in their brilliant collaborative effort, the smoking nuns, i jumped at the chance to capture their magnificently bold + unique style.


at this moment in my life, it is so lovely to see my friends growing so perfectly into their interests, blossoming into genuinely talented professionals. ladies, you are fabulous. no way around it. keep on doing this. i can’t wait to capture your magic again. for more details about these stunning ensembles, visit the smoking nuns. and stay tuned for part two: inside wants out.

in other slightly less exciting news, i’ve finally nailed pizza with red sauce. pesto has always been easy for me and red sauce seems simple enough but for the longest time, this pizza just didn’t taste right. yesterday, it did. alchemy. recipe headed here soon. as soon as i can figure out what i did right this time.