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this afternoon was so fun although a bit hectic at first. i’m so grateful that c.sue was willing to brave the downpour and hang out with me under the two, where it meets the la river. the last time i photographed her, it was on top of a bridge, so moving under for the followup seemed a natural progression. since we moved nearby, i’ve been mentally planning a shoot under this bridge. and on this very rainy sunday, (our roof even leaked!) my dreams came alive.

i feel so blessed for all the creative opportunities that have arisen this year. i find myself surrounded by wildly supportive voices, and i know i couldn’t make any of this happen without that beautiful flow of love and encouragement. sometimes i can’t understand where or why this path is taking me, but i’m learning to be ok with that. i’m working extremely hard to wrap up a few web design projects, one of which i am so pinching-myself-in-disbelief excited about and can’t wait to share. truly amazing client on so many levels and i am genuinely proud of the work.

i frequently find myself returning to this discussion with ira glass about the artist’s gap. he says that we get into creative work because we have excellent taste. but for the first few years, what we make doesn’t live up to our own high standards. and in those years, most people get frustrated and quit. boy, am i in those years. i suspect i love photography so much because through it, i have come closer to closing the gap than i have (yet) with music or design. but ira pleads, don’t quit! do as the work and do as much as you can, because only through doing it can you get better. it will take a long time. and most of what you make will not as good as you want it to be.

slightly discouraging?

i’ve had many of these frustrating moments. most of the time, i can’t quite capture the magic i seek. but sometimes, it happens. and, for the very exciting project mentioned above, for the first time, i feel closer than ever before to bridging the great gap across the canyon that is design. what i believe has brought me here is doing the work with a (mostly healthy) obsession over the details. i’m believing more and more that great work depends on a love and focus on the details.

lately, i’ve been majorly inspired by this lovely graphic designer + wordpress coder. her gorgeous designs (impeccably consistent + beautiful details) and openness about her creative process have been hugely inspiring and helpful for me in past months. reading moxee has really helped me rethink my creative design process and i really feel like i am growing into a better designer. her blog is an excellent design resource, delivering gorgeous, inspirational imagery. she also happens to be super sweet.

i’m working on letting go of my fear of showing imperfection, and in turn, pushing myself to speak my mind more freely here. while it’s most often easier for me to communicate my feelings through images, i also recognize the cathartic power of writing, and i’d like to give myself more space + time to do so. i can’t wait to see what surprises april has to bring. so many ideas brimming to the surface. this year is rushing by, and i can see it will be overflowing with beautiful moments to appreciate.

thank you for sharing this one.