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about a month ago, a dear friend came to la for a quick visit before departing for a summer long romp through europe. katie is one of the few close friendships from college still intact. it seems harder and harder for me to keep relationships alive these days. i genuinely treasure those which have survived. every time we see each other, it feels like no time has passed at all. this inexplicable ease is rare and beautiful and i feel so blessed to experience it. i love this american flag in our neighborhood. happy independence day. ❤

i can’t stop listening to robert glasper. his entire album is so beautiful it makes me cry.

lately i have struggled with motivation. i worked so hard in the first half of the year. and then when may hit, i suddenly felt unable to complete anything. questioning my artistic identity & integrity and seeking answers. what work will make me happy? fulfill my soul? why can’t i complete work i am not excited about? i want to make beautiful and interesting things. but it has to mean something. sometimes i dream of quitting everything and going to pacifica to dedicate all my time to amy goodman. or driving across the us filming nonstop. i’m not sure that doing either would make me happy but i can feel that change is in the air. i wouldn’t call this a rut, but i definitely need a shaking up of sorts. i’m so jealous of the rookie girls on roadtrip. i want to make one of her floral crowns for photos…moving towards said shaking, last month i accepted an exciting new freelance photography position with refinery 29. my first feature was published last week. this is my first published/credited photo. little victories feel huge in this moment. all the love and peace in the universe to each and every one of you. ❤