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i’ve been sorting through my photo archives and came across these photos i took of scout back in january.

scout is a beautiful high-end vintage shop, curated by the lovely + intriguing joey grana, who i secretly dream of making a documentary about someday.

the experience at scout is an emotional one. the beautifully eclectic pieces on display at scout are not merely items for sale, they are not-so-ancient artifacts that magically encapsulate the feeling of growing up in the past few decades. this also precisely how i feel about frank ocean’s album, nostalgia, ultra.

joey’s innate sartorial taste is distinctly his own, and lends a feeling of true comfort. not merely comfortable clothing, but a comfortable sense of self. when perusing the online store (note: the scout website is impeccably designed) i often imagine the woman who shops at scout. she always looks put together but is totally at ease. never too fussy, natural and a lover of life. completely comfortable in her own skin.

the shop is full of beautiful greenery and unusual display vessels line the tall space.

joey also curates a current affair, an gorgeous event and now online shop featuring hand-picked items from la’s best vintage shops. see their latest collection here.

my love for vintage and vintage shops have grown ever deeper in recent months. after years of shopping my grandma’s closet, my love of these deeply personal tokens has continued to bloom. with this in mind, i’ve begun a project around this love that i am quite eager to share. i welcome this beautiful month of may with open arms, a preamble to a glorious summer full of cinespia, la jolla cove swims + tacos.

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