why i love joy the baker

joy the baker is hilarious. i’m talking laugh out loud, all the things you think but never say, should consider stand up comedy as a fallback career funny.

i’ve read her blog for years-it’s at the tip top of my food blogs bookmark folder-followed by 101 cookbooks + lottie + doof. yes, i organize my bookmarks by order of importance into folders and subfolders and sub-subfolders and sub-sub-subfolders.

i’m compulsively organized in some areas of my life but my closet looks like it was hit by a tornado.

joy helps us to embrace our individual weirdness. and to share it.

she also happens to style and photograph food in the magical way that tends to elicit drools from her lovingly devoted fan base. (i read that the equally hilarious emma stone is a fan.) i’m such a sucker for excellent food photography. i can’t be motivated to cook from recipes otherwise. i’ve been studying her images and taking notes on how to improve my own. she has classy napkins and pretty patterned plates. and she has the dripping, empty bowl photos down pat. and the photo collage. she can make one mean photo collage complete with killer typography. i’m not there yet. but i’m learning. and joy’s helping.

while i don’t recommend drooling while laughing, i do recommend spending a few hours poring over joy’s archives. not ashamed to admit that this is a frequent activity of mine-sometimes when searching for a fantastic cookie recipe and sometimes when hunting for a belly-aching laugh. while i don’t always get around to the cooking part, when i do. her recipes are always delicious. more importantly, she is always funny. and real. she helps me push past the trappings of perfectionism and just write. life is full of hiccups, good hair days, fallen cake days, days where you forget to blog, licking batter from the bowl days and through it all, there are lots of ways to find the funny in the good and the bad.

a few weeks ago, cst and i snagged the last two spots in joy’s december cooking class at gourmandise. insert wild + slightly embarrassing celebratory dance here.

i’d like to bring her something awesome. probably with chocolate + peanut butter. i hear she likes those things.

this is one of those drool-worthy recipes that for so long i looked at, but never got around to making.

thank you joy, for being so funny and honest. and for making + sharing gorgeous meals-always with a perfectly measured dose of your beautiful, hilarious quirkiness that inspires me to embrace and own my individual brand of strangeness. and to be ok with imperfection.

spinach, potato + eggs

(recipe inspired by joy the baker.)

4 organic russet potatoes, peeled + diced.

3-5 organic green onions, chopped.

a handful of organic cilantro, chopped

1 hot red chile, finely diced.

2-3 cloves garlic, finely diced. 

1 bunch fresh spinach, quadruple washed. recipes always say triple, but nothing ruins a meal for me like grit in the vegetables. so i usually give spinach an extra rinse. 


olive oil

cage free eggs

1. preheat oven to 425˚.

2. heat a well seasoned cast iron pan and add a few glugs of olive oil.

3. fry potatoes with garlic, chile and 1/2 onions + herbs for 5-10 minutes. season with s+p.

4. transfer potatoes to a baking tray and pour a little more olive oil over.

5. roast potatoes for 15-25 minutes, until crispy on the outside.

6. remove pan from the oven and fold in spinach and remaining herbs + onions.

7. return to oven for a few minutes, until spinach wilts a bit.

8. fry a few eggs to desired doneness and place atop a glorious pile of spinach + potato hash.

9. thank your sweet man/woman for waiting patiently to dig in while you snap of few photos of this lovely feast.

10. completely up to you but i put tapatio all over any kind of potato/egg conglomeration.

bon appetit!

have a snuggly weekend. and joy, we can’t wait to learn all about buche de noel with you.