the bloody roots.

happy halloween lovelies.
today i’m sharing a seriously simple + easy but beautiful recipe.

grated root veggies + avocado + a squeeze of lemon + sea salt + sesame = a delightfully sweet, salty + tangy accouterment that can support many a headliner.

this time, it’s a baked garlic pasta with greens. surprised? you shouldn’t be. it feels like that is all we eat. but i love it so much.

bloody roots and their murder weapon. actually, they went by box grater (ouch) not this massive knife.

the bloody roots

1 organic beet, grated

2-4 organic carrots, grated

1 avocado, cubed

sea salt

toasted sesame seeds

1 lemon

olive oil

1. combine shredded veggies in a large white bowl. (white bowl not necessary, but makes the presentation more stunning.)

2. pour a nice glug of olive oil + squeeze half of lemon over the bloody roots.

3. season with sea salt + sesame seeds to taste.

4. gently incorporate avocado cubes.

5. upon serving, sprinkle a little more sesame + lemon juice on top if desired.

kevin + christi threw a killer “the walking dead” party, complete with bloody, saucy ribs in a skull and a terrifying arrow skewered head.

also, awesome pumpkins.

happy happy halloween. i hope it is bloody + spectacular. but in a safe way.