bunch magazine // issue one

today i am extremely excited to share with you a project i have been hard at work on this summer. bunch magazine is a limited print, quarterly magazine profiling a wide range of creative professionals. i originally joined the bunch team to photograph the la subjects of its bicoastal cover feature, freshman fifteen, but soon after came on as art director.

this project spanned an intense a period of growth for me. many rookie mistakes, endless hours of pixel pushing, do overs and late nights staring at this screen. while at times incredibly daunting, art directing a magazine is something i have always daydreamed about, and i felt extremely excited/nervous/blessed to receive this beautiful & challenging opportunity. side note: this will be the first time my photos are printed, which is infinitely exciting in itself. a big thank you to my editors, lizzy & astrid for trusting me to translate the bunch aesthetic from mind to page, and to the incredibly talented team that worked on this issue. in the coming weeks, i will share my favorite images from individual shoots.

thank to all the beautiful & talented creatives i photographed for this issue. it has been such a pleasure to know you.

jessica comingore // sal sanchez // dabito // melina matsoukas // stevie crooks //
restavrant // rkc // dustin lancaster // the peach kings // the smoking nuns

thank you, thank you universe, for the wondrous opportunities you present and the strength you provide to complete them. <3

for more information, visit www.bunchmag,com