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a little over a year ago, i emailed a friend of a friend from college. also living in los angeles. she had just started a style blog with another ucsc alum.

i asked if she might be interested in collaborating on a shoot for the smoking nuns. i was pretty nervous that she would say no. at that point, most of my images were of food and doc.

breathed a sigh of relief/excitement when they said yes, so we headed up to griffith park on a balmy afternoon in august, to do what turned out to be the first shoot of many.

one year later, the nuns are simply killing it. they have been featured on refinery 29, nylontv, (september) and today successfully completed a kickstarter campaign to fund the launch of their gorgeous jewelry line, George & Laurel. (the last few images above are from the g&l lookbook)

i love these ladies so much. i am so inspired by their passion, dedication, hard work and well-deserved success.

to celebrate their big win, i’d like to share a few of my favorite images that we have created together over the past year.

cheers to you lovely ladies. here’s to another year of magic making and fun times together. <3

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One Response to “the smoking nuns // personal projects”

  1. so many outfits, so many pictures, so much growth.
    so great to be on this journey along side with you to see both of our careers develop and that our relationship has only deepened since that first day.
    love you tons miss lani.

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