style hunting in silverlake // personal

it’s been a really long time since i posted here. i take forever to select and arrange these photos which in turn makes me procrastinate. i took these photos this summer in silverlake. after returning by bus from a meeting downtown, i veered slightly off course to meet megan at casbah cafe. she was supposed to meet a model to shoot with but the girl blew her off at the last minute. everytime i see megan, it’s very special. her tireless spirit and undeniable talent for her long developed craft are utterly inspiring to me. only she would sit down in the middle of the sidewalk for a photo. on this day i was shooting a street style assignment for styled on and i stopped by a group of two ladies and this adorable girl sitting outside a restaurant. i approached to ask the two ladies and the girl jumped up and asked, “don’t you want to photograph me??”
thank goodness she asked.
i also met megan’s friend andy. his work is gorgeous.
megan recently founded this badass collective of women i’m a part of. if you are a woman in la, come hang out with us at our next meeting.

these are two photos megan made of me on that afternoon.