sonia boyajian // refinery 29


















i photographed the beautiful & eclectic jewelry designer sonia boyajian, for refinery 29 at the beginning of the summer. she lives in an enchanted home with a magical garden. and she keeps turtles. actually, i think they are tortoises. looking through these images, i’m struck by sonia’s je ne sais quois. she is one of the special few that when photographed, projects a warm sense of knowing. a peaceful, contemplative perspective of the universe and her space within it. the more people i photograph, the more curious i become about the different ways people behave when i take their picture. some are very anxious and their eyes dart around the room nervously. some smile really hard until you can see their gums. some just relax and reveal themselves to me. thank you sonia, for inviting me into your garden & home, and sharing your peaceful gaze with me.