vintage missoni

after our day at pickwickfreckle bug vintage sent us these beautiful pieces to photograph. this the first of my three. my first time with missoni. also my first time being styled by the smoking nuns. lots of firsts. lots of fun.

many years ago, this bracelet was carried many miles from italy to san diego by a truly beautiful old friend, claudia. claudia got engaged this week. she looks really happy. congratulations you two! <3 i’ve worn this dainty chain for over ten years and it is still one of my favorites. it is simple, beautiful + made well from quality materials. the cobalt of the beads is the perfect shade and happens to be my mom’s color. she always looks stunning in it.

on this day i discovered my love for dark nail color. i never bothered painting my nails because when i played guitar so often, they’d be chipped in an instant. but since my music has moved into a more electronic/piano based realm, i can have pretty nails and i just love it. so does b.

this ring is one of my favorite items in blair’s collection, which is quite sizable. it’s all these chains that feel so cool and slinky to the touch. i’d like to recreate…i love the structure of this boxy bag. i always have slouchy bags yet this makes me reconsider. however i don’t think my camera would fit. that is always the problem.

i don’t wear these shoes often because i think the covered fronts aren’t so flattering on my legs but they fit the dress so perfectly.

and the dress. cool silk jersey. so comfy and gorgeous draping. i love the print too. i’m pretty boring in that department so this was a lovely stepping stone.

thank you dani(looking stunning below in a vintage ’87 issey miyake coat that turns into a duffel bag. you better believe it.) + blair for your perfect pairings. blair, your photographic skills are stellar. i can’t wait to dream up more wild shoot settings together.

and thank you eva, for a teeny nudge in the right direction.

*all photos in this post, with the exception of the last, were taken by blair george.