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this summer, as part of my refinery 29 buzzy boutiques story, i photographed dream collective, a lovely shop in silverlake, owned by the visionary jewelry designer, kathryn bentley. it’s only in the past few years that i’ve become enchanted with triangles & sacred geometry, so walking into kathryn’s space felt like i was boarding the mothership. rainbow light dances on the floor, bouncing through delicate stained glass windows, designed by her multi-talented boyfriend. he also is the creator behind the amazing glass pyramids pictured above. when i noticed a stack of it chooses you sitting on her shelf, i knew i’d encountered a similar soul. i think my favorite part of this job is meeting so many interesting creative people and hearing their stories…what they are passionate about and how they arrived on their current path…i remember that kathryn had just returned from a vacation in nyc with her love, and exclaimed that as best she tried, she could not stop working while she was away! meetings with buyers and sourcing materials felt totally natural to include and while i’m sure others might not, i really understand why. the feeling has grown in its intensity over the past year, and i’ve felt more & more inspired to get up early and throw myself into my projects. never before have i felt this beautiful drive to work. i really love what i am doing and for that i am so grateful. i do believe that if i choose to do something i love, it won’t feel like something that needs to get done. it will become something i want to spend my time on. i’m always really inspired to meet other creative people in this mode of being. i recognized the same love & passion for her work in kathryn. she does what she loves and it shows. while this does not always follow, she also happens to be really good at her chosen profession. to my uncontainable delight, kathryn sent me home with a beautiful blue cuff from her collection, which i wear often and always receive compliments on. thank you kathryn. <3 and thank you for welcoming me into your beautiful shop and sharing a little of your story with me.
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