apple orchard // joy the baker

a few weeks ago i took a day trip east to hang out in an apple orchard with the seriously lovely joy. we took some pictures, picked some apples ( a LOT of apples. it took way longer than anticipated to fill up that entire bushel) avoided some bees, stepped in some smushed apples, tried not to slip & fall on smushed apples and picked a few more apples. and pears. joy is really funny and really excellent at baking, which i’m totally intimidated by. cooking savory is no big deal but hand me a recipe that involves preheating and i get nervous. joy baked this truly gorgeous apple cake with the apples from our trip. i mostly used mine in lacinato salads. some things will never change, but maybe i’ll try my hand at this gorgeous apple cake.
thank you for a lovely afternoon in the orchard beautiful joy!

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